Welcome to my site, Although most of my blog of 2017 are in recipe form, they all contain a section of Gardening too. Garden and Kitchen go hand in hand, from sowing the seeds to making the final dish be it a preserve, meals or drinks. There will be a few posts not related to any garden produce, but I do hope you find my posts interesting. Happy Reading, Rekha

Rhubarb and Vanilla Cake

I have experimented with other Authors recipes of Rhubarb in a cake, made several and not successful at all.  But…


A Helping of Kedgeree

A wonderful British take on a simple Indian dish called Khichdi, which uses 2 ingredients: Lentils and Rice boiled in…


Simple Curry Sauce

 Definition of Curry:  A dish where  meat, vegetable etc is added to an Indian style sauce or gravy using spices and mainly served…


Patience With Peas

Heritage Pea: Sutton Purple Podded One vegetable, Gardeners will agree with me, that can be hit or a total disaster,…


Fettuccine Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is many a family favourite. Cook the ragù gently for  at least a couple of hours and you will…


Banana Loaf Cake

In a fruit bowl there’s always 1, if not 2, bananas that no-one will touch, they either look ‘inedible’ because the…