Welcome to my site, Although most of my blog of 2017 are in recipe form, they all contain a section of Gardening too. Garden and Kitchen go hand in hand, from sowing the seeds to making the final dish be it a preserve, meals or drinks. There will be a few posts not related to any garden produce, but I do hope you find my posts interesting. Happy Reading, Rekha

Pumpkin Jamun Bites

What can I say about this recipe, simply East meets West. In every sense, fusion of 3 dessert dishes from…


Lightly Spiced Sprats

Heard of these little fishes, Sprats? Sprats, are a slightly oily fish,and in my opinion, far tastier than the White…


Methi Mango Pickle

With my last post on raw Mango I mentioned how difficult it was to find these little raw Mangoes. How…