Welcome to my site, Although most of my blog of 2017 are in recipe form, they all contain a section of Gardening too. Garden and Kitchen go hand in hand, from sowing the seeds to making the final dish be it a preserve, meals or drinks. There will be a few posts not related to any garden produce, but I do hope you find my posts interesting. Happy Reading, Rekha

Tom Yum Soup

There are comfort soups and then there are soups that look so innocent and look more of a broth than…


Okra Fries

Sorry Mum, you are such a great cook, but I just hated this slimy vegetable, Okra, when we were young. I…


Organic Courgette Cake

Believe it or not, the above picture is of a Courgette Cake. Courgette is the only Vegetable that makes me…

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