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Rekha Mistry, is a passionate Kitchen Gardener. She’s always thinking about growing plants, creating recipes and plans her list of jobs to tackle for the next day.

Her personal journey began on her allotment 11 years ago. She has continually learned along the way gardening techniques to grow variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers. This also started her practice of organic gardening; something totally new to her, learning about this form of gardening. In 2015 whilst running her successful business she received an opportunity to take part in BBC 2’s Big Allotment Challenge . This experience brought out her passion to pursue horticulture as a second career, studying with Royal Horticultural Society gaining an RHS Diploma in Horticulture .

With this she started her Facebook and Instagram pages; sharing her thoughts, the high’s and low’s, Garden and Kitchen tips. Creating own seasonal recipes using organic home grown produce. She also shares an amazing collection of garden photographs and her food photography is as equally attractive. Through these social media posts, bring in lively conversations with new and established Gardeners sharing their ideas, recipes, thoughts and useful tips.

She is a Kitchen Garden writer with a regular column starting from April 2020 called ‘Fresh From The Plot’ in BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine having previously written and showcased her articles in Kitchen Garden Magazine . Her other works has also been printed in Grow Your Own, House Beautiful and The Simple Things magazines. As well as worked on campaigns with Envii and Yeo Valley  . Collaborating and promoting products with companies like Spear and Jackson, Niwaki, Thompson & Morgan and Sow Seeds to name but a few. In August 2020 she joined the Garden Team at the historic Gardens of Honorary Society of the Inner Temple as a seasonal Gardener, later moving into a permanent Gardener post. You can also watch her beautiful Kitchen Garden work when she appeared in a BBC Gardeners World episode . In March 2021 she has been named 1 of 7 emerging female-gardener influencers in Country Living Magazine.

Rekha may not say it, but she loves a challenge. Even takes part in Dalamain Marmalade Awards, where her Marmalades have received awards for her organic Marmalades.

Rekha thinks of nothing more than what and when to grow and which recipes to experiment with next. Because for her it starts with a small seed and ends up with a delicious dish, freshly prepared or preserved.

You can also follow Rekha’s Kitchen Garden journey through her other social media platforms: facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter.

About Rekha: updated March 2021

19 Replies to “About Rekha”

  1. It will be good to follow your comments, Rekha. I have a special interest in apples (did your mother have any in her garden?) but will be keen to read on other topics too. For some reason I am being signed in as "Arthur Jefferson" (Stan Laurel's real name) – I wonder why? / Nigel Deacon

  2. Hi Nigel,I was born and brought up in Zambia, and we didn't have apples, not readily available then. But here on my allotment plot I have planted a small tree. Will post updates on it. and recipes to go with it too. Regards

  3. it is very interesting to read your article in gardeners world.excellent guidance for kitchen garden.i am very keen to grow indian vegetable in my 16×8 glass house.i do have 20 large containers.i can move in the greenhouse and outside.i hope you will be able to guide our asian vegetable growers in uk .

  4. Loved watching your spot on tonights Gardeners World. I think you should be a presenter, as you have so much excitement about growing and great ideas for what is good to grow, cook and eat. Well done, hope to see more of you

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for your kind comment. I am very pleased my segment was enjoyed far and wide.
      Thanks again, Rekha

  5. Hi Rekha ji, you were amazing in Gardeners world. Sorry to pest you but were can I get burmese tomato seeds please? Thanks

  6. Fascinating and admire your efforts that offer inspiration to the likeminded growers in the u k climate.👍👌🙏

  7. Hi really enjoyed your spot on Gardner’s world hope that you appear regularly. Can you help with a supplier of Black Beauty tomato seeds as I am desperate to grow them but can’t find a UK supplier

    Phil Cror

  8. Rekha I so love you garden, allotment. I saw yu on gardeners world . Very impressive. Yu grew cotton yu are amazing . Loving what yu do.

  9. REKHA was enthralling on BBC Radio Four, earlier this morning.
    If she doesn’t get me on my hands and knees on any patch of soil I can find, no-one else will. Frank in Kopřivnice, Czechia

  10. Rekha, your enthusiasm is infectious and wonderful to watch you on gardeners world! You are so joyous to watch- authoritative calm full of knowledge- what every gardener aspires to be- an inspiration to my daughters and sons.. I only hope my garden can grow anything like your fab fruit and veg! Keep up the good work..

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