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When I look into why I enjoy gardening, it started from an early age helping my mother in her beautiful back garden which was mainly laid with vegetable beds, a few Mango trees and a beautiful Mulberry Bush. Whether it be weeding, watering or harvesting crops, I can say I have always enjoyed the outdoors. As I grew up, moved country, got married and had children, my passion for gardening has stayed with me.

As for cooking, it slowly followed in my teens. My mother is a great cook, learning the basics from her to start with, slowly gaining confidence to try and experiment with dishes. But above all, my mother allowed us to have fun in the kitchen, of course under her watchful eye! And now as a mother myself, I enjoy making wholesome dishes for my family. I do believe in eating fresh and healthy; for me it’s always about where our food has come from. 

I look forward to sharing with you my growing experiences and dishes using as much my own seasonal produce as possible, and these recipes I shall share with you. 

Hope you enjoy following my journey and experiences as we go through the seasons and I look forward to receiving your comments and feedbacks.

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