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Curry Powder (Make Your Own)

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Curry Powder is so versatile, can be used in so many recipes and not just in Non Veg dishes like Kedgeree and much loved Coronation Chicken. Give a twist  to roast Vegetables by tossing them in curry powder, salt and a little vegetable oil first.

If you like Halloumi salad why not make a paste with curry powder, salt, a pinch of dried coriander leaves lemon juice and Olive Oil. Spread both sides of the Halloumi slices and lightly fry the cheese before adding to a fresh Salad.

There are no set ingredients rules when it comes to making this Powder, but 3 ingredients make the base of all Curry Powder: Coriander, Cumin and Turmeric . Since I have a harvest of own grown coriander seeds, these went into making my powder.

Curry Powder is not so much 1 flavour but a combination of warming spices of at least 7 When it comes to the combination of Spices; it’s all taste dependent. I have added my own dried Cayenne chillies to the combination.

De Cayenne Chillies

In my recipe I do not add Ginger Powder. Personally, it has such a dominating flavour, when needed in a recipe, I just grate a little fresh Ginger.

Takes less than half an hour to make this powder, provided you have all the ingredients and a coffee grinder but a Pestle and Mortar will work too, just a little longer than the coffee grinder.

Spices which make up my Curry Powder

Remember making your Curry powder is personal taste dependent, so feel free to chop and change or even add more ingredients. What combinations make it into your Curry Powder? I would love to hear from you.


[recipe title=”Curry Powder (Make Your Own)” servings=”150g” time=”half hour” difficulty=”easy” image=”https://rekhagardenkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/fullsizeoutput_5633.jpeg” description=”A very easy recipe for Curry Powder, making it a very useful Spice Jar in the Pantry.”][recipe-ingredients]
– 3tbsp Coriander Seeds
– 1tbsp Cumin Seeds
– 1tbsp Black Peppercorns
– 1tbsp Turmeric Powder
– 1tbsp White Mustard Seeds
– 1tsp Chilli Flakes
– 5 Cloves
– Small stick of Cinnamon (not Cassia Bark)
– 1/4tsp Cardamom Seeds
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Heat a dry, heavy bottomed Pan. Add all the above ingredients EXCEPT Chilli Flakes, tossing all the time to stop the ingredients from catching to the bottom of the Pan.
2. Tuen the heat off when you hear a few ingredients starting to ‘pop’.
3. Add the chilli flakes and keep stirring until all the ingredients have absorbed all the heat from the Pan; and the Pan feels cool to touch.
4. Place the ingredients a little at a time, and ‘pulse’ every few seconds until a fine powder is achieved.
5. Place the Powder in a bowl in order to ‘cool down’.
6. Store in an air tight jar. Use as and when required.

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