Fresh Pea Hummus with Corn Tortilla Sticks

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This is one recipe I have been excited to share with you. I will not use frozen peas. Neither shop bought or own grown, even though I know the peas have been frozen within hours. I am fussy, and only use fresh homegrown peas for this recipe as I did on the BBC Big Allotment Challenge. I personally feel, the taste changes when frozen peas are used for this recipe.
In that episode I had to forward the recipe for the ingredients used in the Pea Hummus. But now I don’t stick to those ingredients when making it at home. I have added a few more ingredients to it.

I am even more excited to use my first harvest of Purple podded peas. There is always an excited feeling when you grow and use something new for the first time! 
I am so glad I chose these as 1 of my free pack of seeds, 2 years ago from Heritage Seed Library. I sowed 6 of the 10 seeds sent to me, direct to the soil, but not a single seed germinated. The remaining 4 seeds where then sown at home, in a large container and kept under a close eye and nurtured. They grew strong and healthy and had quite a few pea pods on them. I resisted using any of them for our meals and allowed the whole harvest ‘to go to seed’; hoping this will give me strong seeds for the following year’s sowing.
Having learnt from my mistakes, this year, I soaked the seeds overnight. Next day I placed my potting mix which has a little seaweed powder added to it with a little grit as well for drainage into Deep root trainers.  To my surprise all 32 seeds germinated within days! I learnt a lesson here. Saving good seed will ensure healthy germination/plants in the following years to come.

HSL: Sutton’s Purple Podded Pea Seedlings
Haxnicks Deep Root Trainers

As for the recipe, it is very simple to make, two key ingredients Peas and Tahini. It is this ingredient Tahini, that makes the Hummus a Hummus. You cannot call a dip a hummus if this ingredient has not been added to the dip! It is essential to use this sesame seed paste, to enhance the flavours of not just this Hummus but any other flavours of Hummus for that matter.

I could have gone and bought a pack of Tortilla Chips. But that is not challenging enough for me. “I will make my own” she says. Get a few tortilla wraps, flour or corn flour based, cut into desired lengths, place on a baking tray with a touch of Rape Seed Oil, freshly milled salt and pepper. Toss and bake at a medium heat for no more than 10mins, keep an eye on them that they don’t burn. Remove and allow to cool completely, before serving.

170g     Freshly podded peas
 2tsp     Tahini Paste (approx)
1/2        Clove of Garlic
   2        Sprigs of Welsh Onion (you could also use Spring Onion)
   2        Sprigs of fresh Coriander
   2        Sprigs of Chervil
   1        Sprig of Dill
2tbsp    Fresh Lime juice
2tbsp    Olive Oil
  • Bring to boil the freshly podded peas, in salted water, for a couple of minutes. Drain and allow to cool a little. Save a little water, it may be required in the next stage.
  • Blitz the cooled peas with either a head blender or a little food processor. You may prefer to leave it a little course. I haven’t. I blended until quiet smooth. You may have to add a little water with every pulse otherwise it will just stick to the sides of the processor bowl.
  • Remove the dip into a large bowl adding lime juice to it immediately. This will help it not to discolour. If lime or lemon juice is not added, the dip (mixture is called a ‘dip’ at this stage until Tahini paste is added) can start reacting with the air and create a dark crust at the top. Completely edible but does not look appetising.
  • Now add a little Tahini paste, grated 1/2 of a garlic clove, chopped herbs, cumin powder and salt.
  • Taste to see if all mixed in well. If you do not get that hummus taste, add a little more Tahini or any more of the other ingredients. 
  • Remove into a serving bowl and top with the Rape seed Oil.
  • Should you wish, you could add a few chopped red chillies to make it a little spicy, but I don’t, I want to be able to taste the fresh peas in the hummus.
  • Will keep for 2 days in the fridge in an airtight container.
Enjoy x

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