Marmalade & Mixed Spice Biscuit Sandwich

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My homemade Marmalade and Jam is not always destined for the breakfast table. Adding them to Baked goodies for an afternoon tea are a great way to use these breakfast items.

The Biscuit mix is pretty easy to make, and by adding mixed spice to flavour the biscuit, gives them a winter warming flavour. As long as the butter for both the biscuit base and the butter cream are at room temperature, you are good to go.

I find using disposable piping bags, makes the job a little easier, with a large (1M) open star nozzle, attached.

Tip: before greasing down the parchment paper draw 5cm (diameter) circles on the underside, makes the task of  piping all the biscuits ‘even shaped’, much easier.


When baking biscuits, timing is everything; and do not be tempted to bake at a high heat, you do not want these to colour, yet bake they should. Keeping a low oven temperature of around 165 – 170 ˙C and baking for 10-12 minutes, no longer than 15 minutes, will ensure an even bake and a very little colour is picked up. Remove the baking sheets out of the oven and place biscuits onto a cooling rack. At this point, they will have caught colour, ever so slightly. Fresh out of the oven, these biscuits will be soft so take care not to break them when moving them from baking sheet to cooling rack.


A bit of a habit, I tend to take the Marmalade out of the fridge at the same time as the butter, allowing it to warm through. In the Ginger Buttercream, as well as using the syrup to flavour the cream, finely grated stem ginger can be added as well, I haven’t on this occasion.


Once biscuits have cooled down, pipe biscuit bases with ginger butter cream and an equal number of biscuits bases with a little marmalade, carefully sandwiching together. Finally dust with icing sugar. Best consumed within 2 days (if they last that long!!) in an air tight container.

Other versions  you may also like to try:

  • Vanilla biscuits with Strawberry jam and Vanilla cream
  • Cinnamon biscuits with smooth Apple jam and Maple Syrup cream

Hope you get to try some of these out, please let me have your thoughts and the versions you have made. Leave me a comment on the blog and Instagram or send me comments and your Photos on linked post on Facebook and Twitter. Love to hear from you.

Enjoy x


[recipe title=”Marmalade & Mixed Spice Biscuit Sandwich ” servings=”10 sandwiches” time=”1hr ” difficulty=”easy” image= “” description=”A quick and easy biscuit recipe to add to your afternoon tea.”][recipe-ingredients]
Biscuit Base
– 125g Butter (room temp)
– 125g Flour
– 25g Corn Flour
– 25g Icing Sugar
– 1/2tsp teaspoon Mixed Spice
– 1 tbsp Milk (optional)
– 100g Icing Sugar
– 50g Butter (room temp)
– 1tbsp Ginger Syrup
And 75g (approx) Marmalade
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Beat butter, sugar and mixed spice.
2. Sift in flour and beat in again. If consistency is too lumpy add milk until smooth consistency but not runny.
3. Place in a piping bag with a star piping nozzle attached. Pipe onto lined Baking sheets.
4. Bake on a moderate oven (165˙C) for 10-12 minutes no more than 15 minutes
5. Remove and allow to cool completely on rack.
1. Place in a bowl butter, sugar and Ginger syrup. Beat until smooth consistency.
2. Place in a piping bag with a star piping nozzle attached.
1. On a clean chopping board place biscuits bottom side up in pairs.
2. Pipe a little Buttercream on one biscuit base and spooning a little Marmalade on the other.
3. Sandwich together and dust a little icing sugar.


4 Replies to “Marmalade & Mixed Spice Biscuit Sandwich”

  1. The biscuits sound scrumptious but could you provide the ingredients in cups or ounces. Thank you.

    • Hello Margaret, Sorry for the late reply.
      125g is 4oz approx
      100g is 3.5oz approx
      75g is 3oz approx
      50g is 1.8oz approx
      25g is 0.9oz approx

      Hope this helps and you get to make these lovely biscuit sandwiches,

    • Hi Doris,
      You can buy little ‘Mixed Spice’ jars in supermarkets, in the dried herbs aisle. It is a mix of dried spices, combinations vary. But these are the key ingredients,
      1. Cinnamon or Cassia
      2. Ginger
      3. All Spice berries
      4. Mace
      5. Nutmeg
      These are the key 5 ingredients, (and I make my own mixed spice using just these 5).

      I have also come across Companies with add Cloves, Black peppercorn or even Caraway and coriander to their recipes.


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