Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

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I must say I have seen recipes in books but never actually had or even made Rhubarb Jam. Only one way to find out if I like it or not is to make it and try it; and I must say this Jam will surprise you as it did me, in a good way for sure.

I LOVED IT; maybe because its organically grown on our allotment or because its homemade jam; or even a bit of both, but what I can tell you is it is a great Jam, easy to make and tastes delicious.

In my version I have used freshly bashed ginger, many recipes call for the preserved ginger in syrup or the candied ginger to be used; still perfectly alright to use, but I wanted to use everything fresh as far as possible. 

You can also substitute Granulated sugar for Pectin Sugar and also leave out the Lemon juice. Remember, Rhubarb does not have high levels of natural Pectin (setting agent). 

500g   Cut Rhubarb
400g   Granulated Sugar
*        Small piece of fresh Ginger (about 3cm size) peeled
Juice   of 1 fresh Lemon



1. Cut Rhubarb into 2cm  and place in a non reactive bowl.
2. Peel Ginger and bruise it by bashing it a little with a rolling pin .
3. Place the bruised Ginger in a muslin cloth and secure firmly, add to the Rhubarb bowl.
4. Add Granulated Sugar and Lemon Juice or use Pectin Sugar.
5. Stir well cover and leave in a cool place to marinate 24hrs.


6. Empty contents into pan and heat gently. (Until sugar has dissolved completely).
7. Raise the heat and bring to a Rolling Boil until temperature reaches 
‘Jam Setting Temp’ (102˚C).
Will take about 20-30mins
8. Perform the ‘Jam wrinkle test’, if all ok, ladle into sterilised Jars. 
Allow to cool completely with lids tightly fitted on the Jars.
9. Rhubarb Jam ready for the Breakfast table.

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