Broad Bean Curry in Aubergine Sauce

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[recipe title=”Broad Bean Curry in Aubergine Sauce” servings=”1-2″ time=”1hr approx” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=”A western bean making a delicious eastern curry, and this combo works.”]

* This dish is predominantly made with hyacinth bean but in my opinion any fresh beans works even fresh peas and in particular young french bean pods.
Tempering Ingredients
– 1tsp Black Mustard Seeds, a whole dried Red Chilli and a pinch of asafoetida.
– 2tbsp Sunflower oil.
Sauce Ingredients
– 1 Medium sized Aubergine (eg Black Beauty) diced and can be peeled, I don’t.
– 2 Ripe plum tomatoes, roughly chopped.
– 1 cup of broad beans (fresh or frozen).
– Trilogy of fresh spice: 3 Green Chilli, 4cm chunk Ginger, 3 or 4 cloves of Garlic. Whizz all in a mini food processor to a paste.
– Dry spices:
1 teaspoon of: Cumin powder, Coriander powder and dried Coriander herb;
1/2 teaspoon: Turmeric powder;
1/2 teaspoon: Chilli powder (optional)
– salt to taste
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1. Heat a pan and place temper ingredients of dried chilli and mustard seeds into a pan and warm through prior to adding oil and asafoetida
2. Add aubergine, tomato, spice paste and dried spices. Toss and add a little water if sticking. Cook down until the aubergine is soft and can be mash down, this is optional. Aubergine pieces can be left whole. Add 100ml of water.
3. Add Broad beans, stir and allow to cook down until Beans are cooked through. Will take about 20mins approx when using young tender beans.
4. Serve with steamed Basmati rice and Popadom

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