Veggie (Scotch) Ball

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[recipe title=”Veggie (Scotch) Ball” servings=”makes 6″ time=”2hr approx” difficulty=”hard” image=”https://rekhagardenkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/fullsizeoutput_692b.jpeg” description=”An East meet West fusion; using elements of Scotch Egg and the Pea filling similar to Kachori; made into these crunchy crust balls with Spiced Salad Blue Potatoes and a centre of Minted Peas .”] [recipe-ingredients]
Potato Filling
– 3-4 medium Potatoes (Variety used: Salad Blue) Boiled, peeled and grated
– 1tsp Garam Masala
– 1 fresh red Chilli finely diced
– 1tsp Sea Salt
– Half tsp Turmeric
– Finely chopped fresh Coriander
Pea Filling
– Half cup of fresh garden Peas (pulsed coarsely in a food blender).
– Finely diced small Shallot
– 1tsp dried Mint
– Half tsp Sea Salt
– Half tsp ground Cumin
– A little butter
Coating & Frying
– Golden Breadcrumbs
– a little Flour
– Milk or beaten Egg
– Sunflower Oil (for frying)

[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Make the minted peas. Melt butter in pan; add shallots, do not allow to burn. Add crushed peas and sprinkle in Salt, Cumin and Mint. Cook at a very low heat, for about 15 minutes or until the peas are cooked when pressed. Allow to cool down completely.
2. Place the grated Potato in a dish and add all the ingredients mentioned under Potato filling. Combine well.
3. Divide spiced Potato into 6 equal portions, working one portion at a time; make a pattie and roll up the edges a little on your palm. Place a teaspoon full of pea filling in the middle and bring all the edges together, to form a ball.
4. Repeat with the other portions.
5. Roll the balls in flour, then in egg (or milk), finally in the breadcrumbs.
6. Bring oil to deep frying temp and cook until golden brown.
7. Serve warm, with Mayonnaise swirled with Hot Sauce.

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