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Clear Seville Marmalade

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Some members of my family do not like ‘bits’ in their Marmalade. I use the same process to create this Marmalade as Seville Marmalade (2) , with a few variations in the process, and with of course, leaving the peel out.


Boil the fruit no longer than 3 hours (min boiled for 2 hours). Since I am not keeping the peel a whole lemon is added to the pot too. And process it same as the Oranges.


Next day, it is not necessary, but I prefer to remove the pips too, and place the pulp into a clean Pan, before the cooking juice (about 600-700ml) is added back too. Lemon peel goes in as well. Boiled for another hour to further soften the sticky pectin rich pulp, before squeezing out.

Follow the next step of marmalade making of dissloving the sugar gently before raising the temperature until it reaches jam set point.

Crinkle Test

Set point of 102˙C must be reached otherwise marmalade will not set. A habit now, the crinkle test is performed, for reassurance. Once this is achieved, remove from heat and skim any residue that has come to the top prior to bottling up.

Now all that is left, is a clear natural orange coloured liquid to bottle up. Allow to cool down completely in tightly fitted jars before labelling and storing.



[recipe title=”Clear Seville Marmalade” servings=”4-5jars” time=”4hrs+Overnight” difficulty=”easy” image=””]
– 1kg Fresh Organic Seville Oranges
– 1.5kg Granulated Sugar
– 1.5ltr Water + Extra for boiling
– 1 Fresh Organic Lemon
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Scrub/Wash all fruit and place in a pan, fill with cold water
2. Bring to simmer, and allow to simmer for 1 to 2 hours, if the fruit do not feel soft when pressed, allow to simmer for an hour more. Turn the heat off and allow to cool completely with lid on. (cooling best done overnight)
3. Carefully remove the Oranges and reserve the water.
4. Scoop as much of the Pectin rich Pulp out as possible and place in a clean Pan, with at least 600ml of the reserved water.
5. Cook for an hour stirring and mashing the pulp occasionally.
6. Strain as much of the HOT PULP LIQUID, all tied in a muslin cloth and squeezed between 2 large plates. BE CAREFUL WITH THE HOT LIQUID.
7. Measure the liquid, adding more cold water to make up 1.5ltr; add to a Maslin Jam Pan with the Granulated Sugar, attach confectioners thermometer. Place on a gentle heat.
8. Dissolve Sugar before adding the Shredded Peel. Place 2 saucers in the freezer.
8. Bring to boil and the contents to ‘Jam set point’ of 102˙C.
9. Perform ‘Crinkle test’ to be sure of setting temperature. If crinkles it is ready to bottle up, if not, allow a few more minutes and test again.
10. Turn the heat off and allow the contents to settle a while, giving time to skim of any scum which may have accumulated on the surface.
11. Bottle up, screw on the lids and allow to cool completely before labelling and storing.

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