Cucumber Pakora

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[recipe title=”Cucumber Pakora” servings=”4-6″ time=”2hr 30mins” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=”Light and Crunchy on the outside, soft fluffy on the inside. Cucumber Pakora in a spicy gluten free Batter.”][recipe-ingredients]
– ‘Ripe’, fairly firm Cucumber; peeled, grated and with water squeezed out. Set aside.
Batter Mix & Spices
– Half cup Potato Starch
– Half Cup Rice Flour
– Half Cup Chickpea Flour
– 1tsp Grated Ginger
– 1 or 2 tsp finely chopped Red Chilli (add more chilli if you like them extra spicy)
Following Spice to be freshly crushed, or grounded:
– 1 Clove
– 1/4tsp Black Mustard Seeds
– 1tsp Coriander Seeds
– 1/4tsp Cumin Seeds
– few black pepper corns
– salt to taste.
– A little water to bind
– 2tbsp of Vegetable or Sunflower Oil as well as Oil for the Fryer
– Bicarbonate of Soda, kept to one side

[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Place Flour, spices in a bowl together with Oil. Add enough water until a thick batter is achieved. Allow to rest for 1hr, stirring occasionally. As the granules in the batter expand, it may require a little water, DO NOT make a running batter.
2. Set fryer on moderate heat.
3. Into the bowl of grated cucumber, add a couple of spoonful of the Batter. Keep adding, enough to hold the cucumber ‘together’. (I found it helpful to make these in 3 batches, adding batter to each cucumber batch; reason explained below).
At this point the batter can start getting runny, so will need to work a little faster.
4. Once you are happy with the batter consistency, add the Soda, stir and once the fryer is ready, drop spoonful of batter at a time. The Pakoras will float up and keep turning until completely golden brown.

Can be served as they are or with a Red Pepper and Chilli Relish.

Enjoy x

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