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This Ice lolly has become somewhat a favourite every summer for the past 3 years. Ever since, taking part in Big Allotment Challenge, one of the challenges was to make¬† lollies. Prior to this task, I practiced and practiced at home my version, to my family’s delight, and gave me their verdicts, until I got the flavours perfected. Every time I make these now, takes me straight back to the wonderful walled garden we filmed in. Some days were very hard but overall happy memories, indeed.

As for the fruit, I always get a good harvest of strawberries, from the everbearing  variety, Mara Des Bois and before preserving them in a Jam, later in the season, tend to eat them as fresh as possible with cream or in smoothies, but I am always reminded to make a batch of these ice lollies.

Mara Des Bois Strawberries

As for which fruit to use, that is all up to you. I use own grown strawberries, and contrast it with shop bought Peaches or Nectarines and Kiwi. If I find the fruit is not sweet enough, a natural light sweetener, Agave syrup is added.

Freeze in layers, once the final layer is added place your lolly sticks and allow to freeze completely. Hope you enjoy them them as much as we do.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a comment below, or via Social Media.


[recipe title=”Fresh Fruit Ice Pop” servings=”9″ time=”2hrs – overnight” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=”Healthy seasonal summer fruit ice lollies with natural added sugars.”][recipe-ingredients]
All Ingredients are approximate, depending on the size of the Ice Lolly Moulds
– 300g Fresh Strawberries washed and hulled
– 3 Fresh Nectarines
– 3 Kiwi Fruit
– Clear Apple juice
– Freshly squeezed Orange juice
– Agave syrup (optional/alternatively use Honey)
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Pulp the strawberries with a little Apple juice. Sweeten with Agave syrup if necessary.
2. Place a layer of equal amounts into each mould and set to freeze for 20 mins on a super freeze setting on your freezer. If super freeze setting not available freeze a little longer.
3. Peel and pulp the Nectarines with a little Orange Juice and sweeten if necessary.
4. Repeat No 2. but only allowing to freeze for 15mins, before adding the final layer.
5. Peel and pulp Kiwi Fruit adding Syrup if necessary, and repeat No 2 for the final time , before inserting the lolly stick.
6. Allow to freeze completely, preferably overnight, for a perfect set.

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