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fullsizeoutput_6162There are only so many Rhubarb Crumbles and Pies  we can eat. As for the Rhubarb Jams, a few batches will be made towards the end of the season, before the final crop harvested and cleaned chopped and frozen. Allowing the plant to rest from around end of July.  fullsizeoutput_614bBut before all that, the crop over the next 2 months will be Rhubarb  Compote, Juices and this, a wonderful thick Syrup, which is so versatile in use, from drizzling over pancakes and ice creams and even stirred in drinks from homemade lemonades to cocktails and mocktails. And of course a few cakes and crumbles in between.

As for the syrup; Sugar and Water are of equal quantity and the fruit add should be double the sugar quantity. Do not be tempted to add just a little water, it will just turn into jam, as this recipe contains lemon juice.fullsizeoutput_615e

Stew the fruit in the water until fruit is completely softened. Strain and sieve the fruit first. Followed by passing the sieved liquid through a cheese or muslin cloth. Do not squeeze the pulp, allowing the clear liquid to drip through.

Pour the liquid into a Pan with the sugar and place on a gentle heat, until the Sugar has dissolved. Bring to a gentle boil, stirring until the consistency starts to thicken. The syrup is  ready when a little liquid is poured out of a spoon and a little at the end shows a sticky consistency as the last few drops off the spoon.fullsizeoutput_615f

Pour into sterilised bottles and shut tight with lids and allow to cool completely before storing  in the fridge, which will keep for a couple of months.fullsizeoutput_6171

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[recipe title=”Rhubarb Syrup” servings=”500ml” time=”2hr + cooling time” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=” Such a versitile Syrup can be used from Breakfast Porridge, Drinks to Dessert toppings.”][recipe-ingredients]
– 300g Cane Sugar
– 300ml Water
– 650g Chopped Rhubarb
– Juice of a Lemon
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Stew the Rhubarb with the lemon juice and water until fruit has broken down.
2. Sieve and strain the pulp liquid until all clear liquid has been collected.
3. Heat liquid in a Pan with Sugar until all the Sugar has dissolved.
4. Bring the liquid to a gentle boil, until a thick consistency has been achieved.
5. Pour into sterilised bottle and allow to cool completely before storing. Will keep for up to 2 months in the fridge.

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