Leek & Wild Garlic, Potato Savouries

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Spring Season sees a Gardener’s to-do list so long, I think that is 1 reason why Daylight saving hour was created. But with the (hunger) gap between end of Winter crop harvests and Spring sown Vegetables not yet ready, there are a few Vegetables and Herbs we can forage for during the Spring Season; one being Wild Garlic. These young shoots of Wild Garlic and with a sudden boost in my over wintered Spring Onion makes a welcome seasonal addition to my Stir fries and Soups.

The last of the Leeks have been pulled out, making way for Potato seed to be planted in its place, in the crop rotation. It is also that time of the year when I start seeing the bottom of the Potato sack fast approaching. Don’t know why, but I tend to grow more chillies than I need. I still have a bag full of freshly frozen Chillies. In this recipe a couple will get used.

There is nothing better than eating your own grown vegetables . It may be just be a harvest for a few meals, or if like myself, can fill the store cupboards and Freezer space with lots of produce. Grow your own certainly gives the satisfaction of  an achievement. I know it does for me, would you agree?


To make these little lunch time or lunch box treat; a quick chop of Leek whites and Wild Garlic which are sautéd in a little oil , Chilli roughly chopped and the Potatoes are finely grated and squeezed to remove any water. Time for the batter to be made. Whisk Egg, Milk, Flour and Pecorino Cheese before stirring  in the sautéd Veg, grated Potatoes, finely cut Spring Onions and rough chopped Chilli, stirred into the Batter, with a pinch of Turmeric (optional) and Salt and Pepper to taste.


The consistency of this Batter is for a thicker cake finish, but you can add a little more milk and make thin crispier little Savouries. As for the ones I made, I could just drop a little batter in the pan and make them that way. I also found using a Cooking Ring (6cm diameter), made these Savouries too big. Therefore, decided to upturn my Cookie cutter, oil it on the inside and it worked. Perfect. Cooked over 5 min, turning half way during cooking. Remove and keep warm in a low oven, whilst the other batches are made.


These Savouries are now ready to eat , served warm with homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce. They taste equally as good, cold, for a lunch time Sandwich alternative or even in a Picnic Hamper.

this one

Enjoy x

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[recipe title=”Leek & Wild Garlic Potato Savouries” servings=”makes 12″ time=”1hr” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=”Delightful little bites, makes a great change to a lunchtime snack or in a Picnic Hamper”][recipe-ingredients]
– 200g Potatoes. Peeled, grated and squeezed
– 100g Leeks. ‘Whites’ as much as possible, and finely diced
– 50g Young Wild Garlic. Roughly chopped
– 3-4 Spring Onions. Finely cut
– 1-2 Red Chilli. Roughly chopped
– 1 Egg
– 100ml Milk
– 3-4tbsp Flour
– 1-2tbsp Pecorino Cheese
– Pinch of Turmeric (optional)
– Salt and Pepper to taste
[/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions]
1. Sauté Leeks and Wild garlic in a little Oil. Allow to cool a little.
2. Make batter by whisking together Egg and Milk, adding Flour and Cheese, whisking until no lumps remain. Followed by grated Potato, sautéd Leeks, Spring Onions Chillies, Turmeric powder and Salt and Pepper to taste. Mix well.
3. Either spoon a little batter, in a well oiled pan, or use a small cooking ring to get them looking all even in shape and size. (I have used an upturned Cookie Cutter)
4. Cook for a total of 5 minutes on a medium heat, turning half way through the cooking time before transferring to a warm oven, until the next batch is made.
5. Serve with homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce.


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